MBS Services

Our experience allows us to assume a direct responsibility in the development of each stage of a project: the beginning, the planning, the control, the execution and the closure.


We have an efficient work methodology and the required knowledge to complete tasks such as: project feasibility analysis, processes engineering, technological evaluation and selection, infrastructural requirements definition, bidding documents production and acquisition processes support, production processes optimization and maintenance, project management and start up as well as plant operators training.

Análisis de Mercado

Market Analysis

MBS Consultora regularly carries out commercial researches to define the state and the necessity of the national and international markets in the agro industrial area.  Our company has a wide view on the tendency of such markets. This allows us to help our clients in making strategic decisions to succeed with the projects we share.

Identificación de nuevos Proyectos

New Projects identification

MBS Consultora cooperates with its clients in the identification of new projects based on available resources characteristics, new technology developments, unsatisfied markets existence, postponed or abandoned projects revision, development sectorial and regional plans or programs study, other regions or countries analysis, social, financial, political and cultural objectives that are foreseen as strategic, and governmental policies which benefit the development of certain economic activities.

Oportunidades de Diversificación

Opportunities of diversification

MBS Consultora has the required tools to show new products and/or processes to its customers. The company takes advantage of tangible and intangible assets (equipments, distribution networks, experiences, abilities, etc.), creating competitive advantages that will provide a bigger stability and utility to the company.

Ante-Proyecto Técnico, Económico y Financiero

Technical, economic and financial draft

* Project profiles production.
* Feasibility evaluation.


Technical, economic and financial draft
It consists in the analysis, evaluation and diagnosis of the investment proposal, before the project production in order to know the feasibility of it. The issued documents can be considered as an instrument for the application of financial attendance to investors and/or credit entities.


* Project profiles production:

The project profiles are made up of a simplified project description with the intention of defining a first estimate of the required activities and of the total invest of the project.

In such profiles, it is determined the initial investment , the operating costs , working requirements and the scale of the operation, the energy demands, location and other factors together with the basic viability proofs define the project success probability.


* Feasibility evaluation:

a) Technical Viability: it defines the technological and operating conditions required to establish the most productive way of materializing the project.

In this company we analyze options of infrastructure and technology which would guarantee the performance of the project requirements and the operating safety. This analysis has an estimate of the investment capital, the workforce and the material resources, as much as for the start up cost, as for the state of the projects performance.


b) Financial viability: We carry out the analysis of the different founding sources to which the project can gain access so as to face the expenses and investments that the star up and the operation involve.


c) Economic viability: this allows us to evaluate all the economic options that come from the combination of technical, financial, management and market options found in the corresponding viability studies, generating reliable information for decisions making.

In this stage we organize all the items of investment, income and operational costs, taxes, devaluation, etc. With all these items organized we make the cash flow of a given term of the project.


To determine the project profitability the following analyses are done:

  • -Indicator analysis: net present value (NPV), the internal rate of return (IRR), the cost benefit ratio (C/B), the recovery period of the investment, etc.
  • - Sensitivity analysis
  • -Stage analysis
  • -Break-even point analysis, among others


d) Environmental viability: MBS Consultora carries out the analyses of the possible environmental impacts which the executed project will produce. Considering the demands in this field, we will prevent those negative environmental situations and from there, proposals to impede or minimize these effects will arise.

Preparación del Proyecto

Project Preparation

MBS Consultora has qualified professionals and state of the art resources to develop conceptual, basic and detailed engineering of the executive project.


The documents made in this stage can be used as an acquisition tool (bid sheet) to purchase /contract all the elements that make up the job site. They include the following:

  • * general and particular technical specifications
  • * general and detailed planimetry
  • * metric count of materials and workforce requirements
  • * estimated job site time (Gantt diagram)


These documents are done for each of the project execution stages, for example:

  • * Ground motions
  • * Architecture and civil and structural works
  • * Mechanical project
  • * Special equipments
  • * MT and BT electrical project
  • * Hydraulic and pneumatic project
  • * Automatisms and mechanizations
  • * Effluent treatment system, among others

Asistencia de Compra/Contratación

Purchase/contracting attendance

Once prepared the specifications and the acquisition documents, MBS Consultora helps its clients in the process of purchasing/contracting, doing the following things:

  • * Suppliers and contractors capacity analysis
  • * Floating inquires services
  • * Technical –commercial comparison and evaluation
  • * Suggestion for purchase orders positioning
  • * Pre-shipment inspections and tests
  • * Coordination among different suppliers scope

Dirección y Supervisión de Obra

Job site management and supervision

MBS Consultora has experienced professionals in job site management to control and verify the exact performance of suppliers/contractors on project elements (plans, documents, studies, specifications and materials) and according to the specific timetable agreed with each supplier/contractor we certify that the activities are done like they were planned.

Auditorías de Obras

Job site audits

MBS Consultora carries out the control and the detailed analysis of each one of the elements that take part in a job site development through scheduled visits, and the company informs the quality and the performance by suppliers and contractors. At the same time we advise the client, according to the test results, on how to proceed. We execute all these steps mainly to protect our clients’ interests.



  • + Storage plants
  • +Balanced food plants
    • - Monogastrics and ruminants
    • - Pets, fishes and prawns
    • - Premix and pelletization plants
    • - Extruded cereals
    • - Steam Flake plant
  • + Flour mills: wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, among others.


  • + Oil industry
    • - Solvent extraction
    • - Extrusion-Pressing
    • - Cold pressing
  • + Vegetable oils refinery
  • + Biofuels
    • - Biodisel and Bioethanol
  • + Organic products


  • + Products for human consumption
    • - Spray drying of dairy products and food
    • - Snacks and cereals for breakfast
    • - Pastas factory
    • - Micronized and textured flours
    • - Fruits and vegetables processing
    • - Drinks production

Intensive Livestock

  • + Feedlots design and execution
  • + Pig farms
  • + Poultry farms

Environmental services

  • + Effluent treatment systems
  • + Environmental impact studies
  • + Environmental report of performance